Ministry & Operations Evaluations

Operational Efficiencies & Organizational Mission


We’ll help you take a look at your operational efficiencies to see if there might be areas to improve. We’ll also help evaluate your ministry in light of your organizational mission to help “keep the main thing, the main thing”. Areas to review include staffing, workflow, ministry offerings, etc.

Staff Training

Group & Individual Training


An investment in staff training always brings a positive return. We’ll look at your staff needs to include communications, individual gifting areas, leadership potential, personal development, etc.) and provide or recommend opportunities for group training or individual training.

Accounting Support

Finance & Compliance


Financial demands are a daily responsibility for any organization. Take2 will, with you, help access any opportunities to help provide accounting support to remain in compliance with today’s regulations. Areas could include financial control and responsibility, audits and government reporting.

IT Support

Technology Review, Needs Assessment & Management


Technology can be an asset or a constant headache … sometimes both! We’ll help evaluate current technological advances to see how they might help with your organization. Areas to review can be computer technology, web presence, software, data management and control as well as many others.

Marketing Support

Creative Design & Communications


I heard many organizations say, “we are the best kept secret around”. Marketing support offers an opportunity to review all aspects of your organizations impact. At Take2, we’ll help assess areas to include your web effectiveness, partner communications, ministry identity, marketing strategy as well as many others.

Grant Writing

Identification & Process


Most organizations finanical needs can be supported by grants. We’ll help identify areas of opportunity for grants and provide direction for grant providers. Take2 also can assist with grant writing to make sure you present your “ask” in the best possible light.

HR Support

Staffing & Resources


Having the right staff is one of the most important keys to any organization. We’ll help assess your staffing needs and how to determine staff effectiveness. We’ll also work with you to develop a staffing model for current ministry as well as future growth. HR support also includes understanding people as a resource, and getting the right resource helps avoid issues in the future.

Program Development

Ministry Resource & Partnership


At Take2 we believe your mission is the most important aspect of your organizations success. In that light, we would be proud to partner with you through program development. By helping in this area, you can focus your attention on the many other aspects that make a successful camp and know things from activities to camp speaking will be planned and developed constructively and competently.

Partnership Opportunities

Organizational Benefits


Take2 believes that we are better together as we each bring our strengths to the table in support of a common mission. We’ll work to help identify partnership opportunities for your organization that bring like-minded organizations to the table in benefit of everyone. Partnerships relationships will be defined by each opportunity and only those that bring benefit will be pursed.